Our COVID Response

Although local guidelines have allowed walk-in retail since last summer, we have opted to be open by appointment, with very limited capacity restrictions. There are several reasons for this: A) Our store is quite small, with just over 500 sq. feet of selling space. There is no way to allow for social distancing among customers if our doors are open to more than one party at a time.  B) It dramatically limits the number of people coming into the shop on any given day, thereby minimizing exposure to customers and staff. C) It also allows us to collect contact information from customers so that we can inform you in the event of exposure.

Other mitigation measures:

  • We have installed a large air purifier that runs continuously.
  • We have installed plexi barriers at our jewelry and checkout counters.  
  • We routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces (handles, knobs, cases, counters, credit card reader and screen).
  • We have placed hand sanitizer throughout the store for your use. 
  • All jewelry and sizing tools that have been handled/tried-on are cleaned and sanitized before they are returned to the case.

What we ask of you

  • Masks protect us all. Everyone is required to wear a mask in the store. We can supply you with one if necessary.  
  • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry and before trying on any jewelry. Our alcohol-based hand sanitizer is made by our neighbors at Koval Distillery. It’s the best we’ve found, it’s not sticky or slimy, and it smells good.
  • We shouldn’t have to say this, but please don’t come in if you are not well or if you know you have been exposed.